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DC Transit Home Affordability Map

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Location, location, location — this phrase is always on homebuyers' minds as they search for their next home sweet home. In the D.C. area especially, this phrase is closely correlated with commute times. How close you are to a Metro stop and which stop you're located nearby can totally affect your quality of life and also the price of your house.

When buying a D.C. home, location is everything, particularly when it comes to proximity to the Metro. Thanks to analysis by Estately, we are able to show you a map of home affordability in proximity to metro stations.

While most Metro stops were priced similarly to their neighbors, there were a few where there was a huge jump in price. The median home price near Medical Center Metro Station is $755,000, but riders that remain on the Red Line for one more stop would pay $386,000 for a home near Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station. In fact, the $369,000 saved would be enough to buy two homes around the Suitland Metro Station on the Green Line.

Overall, the Red Line is home to the area’s most expensive stops, and the Green Line the most affordable. The Silver, Orange, and Blue Lines had stops in both the top and bottom ten.

Regardless where you are looking for a home or trying to sell, let us know at REALTY, PhD. We are happy to help.

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